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Health and safety

Accidents can be prevented through the development of adequate operating procedures, a safety-focused corporate culture, and by improving equipment quality. We never compromise on health and safety.

We work systematically to safeguard our employees´ health, safety and working environment. Our aim is to prevent and manage work-related injuries, illness, accidents, and fatalities. We have a zero-tolerance philosophy for accidents.

HSE laws, systems and programs

All aspects of work are covered by our health and safety systems. We use occupational health and safety systems and standards in line with local regulations in each country:

  • Norway: Working Environment Act, Internal Control Regulations
  • UK: Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
  • British Columbia: Work Safe BC

We have dedicated HSE managers in each region. All health and safety managers are certified according to local laws, and ensure that all personnel are regularly trained in HSE at work. We have annual HSE exercises to ensure that everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency.

Safety Management Principles

  • All locations shall establish annual safety targets with action plans (what, who, when).
  • A safety assessment shall be carried out for all jobs, equipment, and potentially hazardous materials.
  • All locations shall have high standards of housekeeping.
  • Annual audits of HSE-related activities shall be conducted.
  • All managers shall carry out safety walks (Walk - Observe - Communicate).
  • All regions shall have safety procedures, to help facilitate a safety focus throughout the organization.
  • All employees shall participate in safety meetings on a regular basis.
  • A program for systematic and regular safety training shall be in place.
  • The use of personal protective equipment and life jackets shall be specified for employees, contractors, and visitors.
  • All accidents and near-misses shall be reported and investigated, including a root-cause analysis, and corrective actions implemented within a reasonable period of time.

To ensure that all our employees understand and follow our Safety Management Principles, each and every one:

  • is encouraged to take responsibility for their own personal safety in everything they do.
  • understands the importance of working for the safety of others.
  • is required to engage and communicate with colleagues to support safe behavior and compliance.

Incident review

We carry out annual reviews of our health and safety procedures. On a regular basis, the Health and Safety committees represented by all areas of our operations, monitor and review HSE incidents and accidents together. Feedback from employees is reviewed and, if necessary, implemented into procedures. Employees can report hazards to their line manager or the HSE manager directly or through our anonymous whistleblowing service. Grieg Seafood has a "no reprisal" policy when it comes to reporting health and safety issues, described in our Code of Conduct.

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