Our people

Embracing diversity

Diversity is not only the right thing to do ethically. It leads to greater employee retention and improves productivity. Bringing together employees with different experiences, backgrounds and educations spurs creativity and can lead to new and innovative ideas.

We embrace diversity with respect to employee gender, age, ethnicity, physical abilities, personality, skills, experiences, and backgrounds.

Attracting more women

We also work systematically to attract more female workers to reduce the gender gap. For example, we have a fair and transparent recruitment process, and strive to have both female and male candidates in the final round of interviews. We also facilitate flexible working hours.

Grieg Seafood received a score of 73 points (High score) in the SHE Index for 2022. The average score across Norwegian companies was 72. We have reported on the SHE Index since 2019 in order to be transparent about the gender balance in our organization. The SHE Index is a voluntary measurement of how companies perform on gender balance, gender equality policies, diversity and inclusion.

In 2022, we had a special focus on the development of female leaders and potential leaders, through the international program FiftyFifty as well as other local initiatives. FifityFifty is a thinktank and networking collaboration between different companies, inciting internal projects to take place. Our participants had a focus on diversity, covering topics such as bias, awareness training and what is acceptable in today’s modern work life. Grieg Seafood is a safe place to work for all, and we believe work like this will only continue to highlight the Grieg Seafood values - Open, Ambitious and Caring.

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