About us

Partnerships and collaboration

Collaboration and partnerships with researchers, peers, companies in our value chain, NGOs or other relevant actors is highly valued by Grieg Seafood. Only through collaboration can we drive necessary change, and solve the challenges we have in our industry and in our global food system.

ASC Feed Standard

ASC decided in 2013 to devolop a common, global standard for aquaculture feed. Grieg Seafood is an active member of the steering committee. The standard will define requirements for both responsible factory practices and responsible ingredients for the main ingredient groups used in fish feed. The standard will be launched late 2020 or early 2021.


The Bellona Foundation is a Norwegian, independent non-profit organization that aims to meet and fight climate-related challenges, by identifying and implementing sustainable environmental solutions. Grieg Seafood and Bellona are collaborating on opportunities and challenges specifically related to plastic waste. Read more about Bellona here: https://bellona.no/


Climefish is a research project funded by the EU. The overall goal is to ensure that the increase in seafood production comes from areas and species with potential for sustainable growth, given the expected climate risk and developments. Grieg Seafood is a key stakeholder in the part of the project that discuss how future climate-change can affect ocean temperatures and salmon farming in the North Atlantic. For more information, please see https://climefish.eu/grieg-seafood-asa

Global Salmon Initiative

GSI, established in 2013, is a group of 21 companies in the global salmon farming industry. GSI member companies have committed to cooperation and transparency and the initiative has developed industry-specific performance indicators. GSI was recognized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as a best-practice pre-competitive industry collaboration in 2019. Read more about GSI here: https://globalsalmoninitiative.org/en/

Lakseklyngen (The Salmon Cluster)

Lakseklyngen in Finnmark is a collaboration between the local municipalities, the Sami Parliament, the salmon industry, the Norwegian Fishermen's Association, wild salmon management and research bodies. The cluster is researching various interactions between farmed and wild salmon in Alta, where one of the world’s most famous wild salmon rivers, the Alta river, is located. The aim is to learn more about interactions to avoid impact on wild salmon. Grieg Seafood is a founding partner of the cluster and currently a member of the board. Read more about Lakselyngen here: https://lakseklyngen.no/

Industry Associations

Grieg Seafood is a member of relevant industry associations in the countries where we operate: