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Grieg Seafood was started by the entrepreneur Per Grieg Jr. and the shipping based Grieg family in Western Norway in the early 1990s. The company later expanded to Northern Norway, British Columbia in Canada and Shetland in the UK. The Grieg family is still a major owner of Grieg Seafood.

5000 B.C.E
First fish farms reported in China.


The first wild salmon hatcheries established in Norwegian salmon rivers.


The brothers Ove and Sivert Grøntvedt release the first salmon smolts in pens in the sea at the island Hitra in Norway.


Commercial salmon farming of chinook, coho and sockeye is established around Sechelt in British Columbia.


The Norwegian Parliament adopts a license system for the country's growing aquaculture industry, with the aim of strengthening local communities along the coast. Since then, salmon farms have contributed with jobs and revenues to small, coastal communities.


Fish vaccines are introduced. As a result, the salmon farming industry has significantly reduced its use of antibiotics.


Grieg Seafood Salmon (trading company) and Bioinvest (salmon farming investor) are established.


Grieg Seafood Rogaland is established.


The Norwegian Government and the industry develop the standard NS9415 to ensure fish farms are technically safe and prevent the escape of farmed salmon.


Grieg Seafood acquires Scandic Marine Ltd. in British Columbia and establishes Grieg Seafood BC.


Grieg Seafood merges with the Volden Group and establishes Grieg Seafood Finnmark.


Grieg Seafood is listed at Oslo Stock Exchange. Grieg Seafood aquires Hjaltland Ltd in Shetland, the beginning of Grieg Seafood Shetland.


Grieg Seafood Rogaland is certified by GLOBALG.A.P.


Together with Bremnes Seashore, Grieg Seafood establish the sales company Ocean Quality.


Grieg Seafood British Columbia is certified by BAP.


The Norwegian Government launch the “green license” scheme, with stricter environmental standards. Grieg Seafood currently has eight green licenses.


Grieg Seafood Shetland is certified by GLOBALG.A.P.


Grieg Seafood Finnmark is certified by GLOBALG.A.P.


  • Grieg Seafood launches its GSF2020 improvement program, with focus on post-smolt, digitalization, biosecurity & fish welfare and expansion opportunities
  • Grieg Seafood Finnmark receives its first ASC certifications.
  • Grieg Seafood harvested 63 000 tonnes


  • Post-smolt facility Tytlandsvik Aqua completed. Post-smolt is produced in Finnmark and Rogaland.
  • Advances towards more digital farming operation with Precision Farming Pilot in Rogaland
  • Grieg Seafood harvested 75 000 tonnes


  • Improved survival rates in Rogaland and Shetland
  • Closed containment in sea post-smolt technology FishGLOBE tested out in Rogaland
  • Less impact by harmful algae bloom events in British Columbia due to digital mitigation
  • 10 Sites ASC certified in Finnmark
  • Grieg Seafood harvested 82 000 tonnes


  • Grieg Seafood establishes the Grieg Seafood Newfoundland region in Eastern Canada
  • Grieg Seafood British Columbia receives its first ASC certifications
  • Grieg Seafood targets 90 000 tonnes of harvest

The picture on top is from 1973 and shows Sigvald Eike and Johannes Skartveit rowing out to one of the pens at Skjærsund Fishfarm, which now is a part of Grieg Seafood Rogaland.

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