Our impact

Waste management

Our waste should always be disposed of in compliance with prevailing regulations, and recycled whenever possible.

Biological waste

Organic waste is a resource that can be used for a variety of things.

Fish trimmings from harvesting and dead fish from farms are disposed separately in all regions, and turned into fish silage. Depending on quality, it is re-used as animal feed, biofuel or fertilizers.

Organic waste from our fresh water facilities are recycled and used as biofuel or fertilizer. We currently do this in Rogaland, Finnmark, and BC. In Shetland, the organic waste is currently used for biogas production.

Organic waste from fish in the sea farms are a part of the natural ecosystem. However, we must ensure that the waste does not impact the seabed negatively or cause eutrophication. Read about how we mitigate that here.

Farming equipment

In previous decades, our industry is guilty of not cleaning up farming equipment sufficiently. That is not how we operate today. Old farming equipment is safely removed if operations cease. Read more about how we work to increase recycling here.

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