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Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

While traditional fresh water facilities has flow-through systems, RAS technology allows for recycling most of the fresh water used for our land based farming.

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems recycles 90 – 97 percent of the fresh water used in our land based farming operations. RAS technology not only reduces the fresh water used significantly, it also saves energy for heating water, and allows us to control water quality and temperatures. RAS gives salmon farmers a high degree of environmental control during the important first stages of the life of the salmon. It provides a basis for more controlled and predictable production both in freshwater and seawater. Our aim is to optimize conditions for good health, welfare and growth in the tanks.

Grieg Seafood started implementing RAS technology in 2007, and now all fresh water facilities in all regions have RAS systems. These sites only need 0,1% – 1% of the fresh water compared to a traditional flow-through system. RAS systems rely on biofilter technology to clean the water regularly and pump it back into the fish tanks.

Our RAS facilities are also an integral component of our post smolt strategy. Read more about that here. RAS systems also allows us to recycle organic waste from the fresh water facilities. Read more about that here.

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