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Continuous improvement in our value chain

We have global supply chains both upsteam and downsteam. Our feed ingredients come from all over the world, and we export our harvested salmon to more than 50 countries. Grieg Seafood is committed to responsible practices and continuous improvements throughout our value chain.


To be able to farm our salmon, we need eggs, feed and equipment. While the eggs and most of the equipment and technology come from the countries where we operate, our feed ingredients originate from many parts of the world.

Grieg Seafood aim to increase transparency about our value chain, and will soon publish more information about each feed ingredient and their origin.

Read about how we work to tackle deforestation in our supply chain here.

Read about how we work to ensure sustainably sourced marine ingredients here.


Grieg Seafood sells our fish to more than 50 countries. The biggest market for our European harvest is Europe, and the biggest market for our Canadian harvest is the United States.

The main improvement projects we are starting to look at downsteam are about cutting carbon emissions during transportation and to identify how we can work more in line with the circular economy.

Read about our efforts to cut carbon emissions here.

Read our Supplier Code of Conduct here.

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