Transferring best industry practices

While no one has farmed salmon in Placentia Bay before, Grieg Seafood has almost 30 years of experience with fresh water, post-smolt and sea water production of Atlantic salmon in similar conditions in our Norwegian regions. We will transfer best industry practice to our Newfoundland operations.

From our assessments, The Placentia Bay marine sites have favorable biological conditions for salmon farming. All sites will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and systems for harsh environments, including 40-meter-deep pens and underwater feeding. Grieg Seafood’s Norwegian operations are also exposed to high seas and have similar temperature profiles. Grieg Seafood will transfer experience from farming in such conditions to ensure that the Placentia Bay aquaculture project becomes a success.

As a global pioneer in salmon farming, Grieg Seafood is committed to continuously work to reduce our impact on the ocean and to improve fish welfare. The company is engaged in various R&D projects in all regions to find new solutions and develop the industry further. Best practices and new knowledge are regularly transferred between operational areas. Grieg Seafood aim to certify all farms according to the strict environmental standard Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) by 2023.

Read more about Grieg Seafood’s improvement efforts on our global website.

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