Our impact

Sustainable feed ingredients

Grieg Seafood is committed to improvement, including improving the environmental and social footprint of our feed. Going forward, we will take part in the commercialization of novel feed ingredients with a lower footprint.

Towards more sustainable feed ingredients

Grieg Seafood identified and mitigated the most material risks related to our feed ingredients, such as overfishing and deforestation. However, we recognize that more must be done in our value chain to promote a more sustainable food system. Going forward, Grieg Seafood will assess the impact of our feed ingredients on various environmental and social parameters, to assess more material risks to mitigate and where we can make an impact in our feed supply chain.

With a growing aquaculture sector, we recognize that we need new marine and protein based feed ingredients. Grieg Seafood will take part in the commercialization of such ingredients, and is currently assessing which ones we will go into. We are in dialogue with various suppliers of possible alternatives, such as insect meal. We have also taken part in research into novel ingredients. Previously, we were a partner to an R&D project, CO2 Bio, that uses carbon dioxide from the oil and gas industry to produce algae as an alternative fish feed ingredient.

Other efforts:

  • We cooperate with other players in the industry, such as the GSI, to encourage feed producers to increase their focus on sustainable ingredients.
  • We are a member of the steering committee for the development of a new global ASC standard for fish feed.
  • We encourage our suppliers to participate in the International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organization (IFFO), and its work on a standard for responsible resource use.

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