Our impact

Co-existence with wildlife

Farms are often located in areas abundant with birdlife and marine mammals. As a responsible salmon farming company, we do what we can to avoid conflicts with wild animals. We arrange operations and facilities in a way that minimizes our impact on local wildlife.
  • Potential conflicts with wild animals are evaluated when we consider new sites.
  • We minimize use Acoustic Deterrent Devices (ADDs) as some research indicates that they impact the navigation systems of certain marine mammals.
  • Weapons are not allowed on our sites.
  • Where relevant, we use equipment that minimizes the risk of injury to wildlife, such as strong nets, anti-predator equipment or electric fences.
  • We generally only euthanize animals that are injured, and choose alternative ways to protect farms against intruders.
  • We aim to release any animal that gets stuck in our pens unharmed.
In 2019, the infamous whale Hvaldimir visited us at the Vinnalandet farm in Hammerfest in Finnmark. The tame whale is believed to come from Russia. Photo: Paul Nilsen
We are working to improve our reporting on dead birds, and will continue to work on measures to avoid any dead animals. The ASC standard imposes a limit on wildlife impact.
Watch the video about Gus the blue heron, who was found injured at our Barnes Bay farm in British Columbia.

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