Our farms

From farm to table

Our operations span from broodstock in Rogaland to our own brands in restaurants across the United States and Western Europe.

We aim to increase the value of our products by becoming an innovation partner for our customers. This will be achieved through a stronger presence in the market, based on partnerships, category development and brand cultivation.

01 – Breeding

In Rogaland, we have a broodstock operation where we breed for specific traits, such as strong health or resistance to sea lice and diseases.

02 – Freshwater farming

In all of our regions, we have recirculating freshwater facilities on land, where the eggs are hatched and the salmon spend at least the first year. As part of our postsmolt strategy, we keep the salmon longer on land or in closed containment systems before we release them into the sea, aiming to improve fish welfare and reduce the impact for each fish we farm.

03 – Seawater farming

The salmon live and grow in the seawater pens until they reach a harvestable size of 4–5 kg.

04 – Harvesting

We have harvesting plants for harvesting and packaging in Rogaland and Finnmark. We use a harvesting vessel in British Columbia and partner with Brown’s Bay Packing Company for packaging. In Newfoundland, we have partnered up with Ocean Choice International for harvesting and packaging.

05 – Sales and distribution

We have build up our internal sales organization, with sales offices in Norway and in North America.

06 – Value added processing

As a part of our 2025 strategy, we will form closer partnerships in the market and work to increase the value of our salmon through value added processing.

07 – Grocery stores, hotels, restaurants and catering (HORECA)

Our salmon is found in retail stores all over Europe or the USA, or on the menu at restaurants or hotels. Today, we have one brand for high-end restaurants; Skuna Bay.

08 – Consumer

Every day, about 1 400 000 meals made from Grieg Seafood salmon are consumed by people in more than 50 countries.