British Columbia

Statement by the Tlowitsis Nation and Grieg Seafood BC


On June 24, 2021 the Tlowitsis Nation and Grieg Seafood BC Ltd. together submitted an application to the regulators for an additional salmon farm in the Tlowitsis Nation’s traditional territory of Clio Channel. The partners have been engaged for several years in these discussions to grow existing salmon farming operations in the area and support the Nation's goal of economic self-determination.

To further that same vision the partners also recently entered into a net-washing agreement while supporting Grieg Seafood’s need for local service providers and more workers.

“We have built a solid relationship with Grieg Seafood over more than ten years of many meetings, visiting their farms and travelling to Ottawa, Vancouver and Victoria to speak to regulators about our views of aquaculture,” said Chief John Smith. “Our Guardians are on the water monitoring the farm activities as well as our members employed by Grieg. We have taken a lot of time to learn about the industry and our partner before we decided to become involved more directly and for us, adding more farms in our territory is the clear way forward. Our net-wash service company will also benefit from additional work for our members at a new farm.”

“Like so many other changes to our operations during our 20 years operating in BC, integrating Indigenous businesses into our core operations is a transition that reflects the work we have started doing around reconciliation, and how we create even more opportunity than before, with our First Nations partners,” said Rocky Boschman, Managing Director of Grieg Seafood.

“Chief Smith is a strong advocate for his community and has a first-hand understanding of our salmon farming operations,” added Boschman. “We appreciate his regular advice and input and are committed to meeting his expectations of a respected relationship.”

Chief John Smith
Tlowitsis Nation

Rocky Boschman
Grieg Seafood BC Ltd.

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