Grieg Seafood to set up new Value Added Processing Facility at Gardermoen in Norway

The facility will process salmon from Grieg Seafood’s production in both the North and South of Norway. The investment is a part of the company’s strategy to increase value creation and process more of its own fish.

“Grieg Seafood aims to take one step closer to the customer and the market. With this tailor-made facility, we will make high quality products from our fish with the most modern equipment available. In addition, we will be able to cut significant amounts of Co2 emissions from the transportation of our products to the world,” says Erik Holvik, Chief Commercial Officer in Grieg Seafood ASA.

The company will establish the processing factory in a new and energy efficient facility in Oslo Airport City at Gardermoen. The factory will have an annual processing capacity of 10 000 – 12 000 tonnes (HOG equivalent), with an option of increasing the capacity to 20 000 tonnes if needed at a later stage.

The project will create 50 – 60 new jobs.

The location makes it possible to process Grieg Seafood’s salmon from its Northern region Finnmark as well as its Southern region Rogaland in Norway. It is optimally placed for smooth logistics to the markets by truck, boat, train or air freight.

Grieg Seafood will start processing its fish in the new facility during the Summer of 2025. The investment cost of the project is NOK 130 million.

“So far, we have worked with external partners to process some of our fish. We will continue these partnerships. With the new processing facility, we see opportunities for additional partnerships with salmon farmers and customers. It will be an exciting journey,” says Holvik.

Grieg Seafood aims to process 25 percent of its global production volume by 2026.