British Columbia

Grieg Seafood BC staff raise funds for men’s health

Eight members of the Grieg Seafood BC team spent the month of November sprouting facial hair to raise funds and awareness for the annual Movember campaign.

Grieg Seafood BC's Movember team did it again – this year raising an impressive $2,065 for men's health initiatives.

Liam Peck, this year’s captain, led the campaign which consisted of employees across multiple departments, including Fish Health, Environmental and Operations.

“All too often conversations around men’s health don’t happen or happen too late,” says Peck. “A silly moustache opens the door to talk about ‘sensitive’ or ‘uncomfortable’ topics.”

The Movember Foundation exists to help men live happier, healthier and longer lives. The act of growing facial hair while fundraising over the month of November has been the main driver since the initiative started years ago, however the fundraiser has evolved to be more inclusive.

“I think it’s important to acknowledge that Movember is for everyone – not just those capable of sprouting some lip hairs. If someone can’t or doesn’t want to grow a ‘stache, the Movember foundation has other ways for anyone to participate,” he said. “The ‘Mo Your Own Way’ option of Movember is a choose-your-own-adventure challenge epic in scope and scale. Whether its a polar bear dip or an epic workout challenge, the donations you inspire will still help to fund ground-breaking projects across men’s health initiatives.”

For more information about the Movember Foundation, please visit