British Columbia

Grieg Seafood’s Esperanza farms achieve ASC certification

Three more farms in British Columbia have achieved ASC certification, as Grieg Seafood BC comes closer to its goal of 100% certification by the end of 2021.

Yesterday, Grieg Seafood BC’s three farms in Esperanza Inlet received their certification from the Aquaculture Steward Council (ASC), bringing the company one step closer to achieving full ASC certification of all their farms.

The farms Hecate, Steamer and Esperanza are now fully ASC certified. ASC is an independent, international body that manages the world’s leading certification for aquaculture operations around the globe. Its standards are transparent, science-based and inclusive, and were developed in line with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)and with input from the World Wildlife Fund.

More than 500 indicators or gauges of Grieg’s farm operations and policies in BC are audited, to affirm it is meeting ASC’s independent and rigorous standards. The general public is increasingly choosing only certified farmed salmon for their families, with seafood buyers demanding the same expectations for the world’s hospitality sectors.

“Our employees’ hard work and dedication to the highest standard is very much appreciated from all the Grieg team,” said Dean Trethewey, Seawater Production Director at Grieg Seafood BC.

“This now makes 13 out of the 16 of our operational sites certified. Soon, our Clio Channel sites will be included in the ASC family and will complete Grieg BC’s goal of being 100 per cent ASC certified by the end of 2021.”

Prior to the pandemic in early 2020, Grieg’s Nootka Sound farms were the first to be ASC certified for the company, followed by Grieg’s five Sunshine Coast farms. These sites received multi-site certification, making Grieg the second company in the world to obtain group certification from ASC.

Grieg’s three remaining farms to achieve ASC certification are Noo-la, Tsa-ya and Wa-Kwa in Clio Channel.