Grieg Seafood places in the top ranking among 60 global animal protein producers in sustainability index

The company is rated third place by the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index. Seven out of the ten top performers are salmon farming companies.

Today, the Coller Fairr Protein Producer Index, the world’s only comprehensive assessment of the largest animal protein producers on critical environmental, social and governance issues – was released. For the third year in a row, despite increasingly strict standards, Grieg Seafood ASA was rated among the top three companies.

“We are farmers. We are passionate about the care of our animals and the environment in which we work, and do what we can to minimize interaction between our salmon and wild populations. This ranking reflects the considerable attention and care from our employees in all regions in which we farm,” says Grieg Seafood CEO Andreas Kvame.

The FAIRR index rates the largest animal protein producers globally, including the meat and dairy industries, according to sustainability. Companies are assessed according to several environmental, social and governance topics, including practices on carbon emissions, biodiversity and deforestation, freshwater use, waste, pollution, antibiotics, working conditions, food safety and animal welfare.

“We need a more sustainable global food system – and aquaculture has an important role to play. However, we are not satisfied with status quo. We continuously work to reduce our impact on nature and improve by investing in new technologies, innovation and new farming practices,” says Kvame.

To learn more about Grieg Seafood commitment to sustainability and it is built into every aspect of its operations, please visit the Grieg Seafood ASA website,