British Columbia

Environmental event in Nootka Sound

In May 2024, Grieg Seafood BC experienced a low dissolved oxygen event in Nootka Sound. This is a naturally occurring event which can affect the health and welfare of our salmon. At the same time as the low oxygen event, harmful plankton in the area also impacted some of our fish.

Due to these adverse environmental conditions and in order to preserve the welfare of our salmon, we were unable to handle and perform sea lice treatments during this time, resulting in higher-than-normal sea lice counts for a short period of time.

Grieg Seafood BC’s operations have throughout the event maintained compliance with both DFO’s regulations and third-party certifier Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) through the use of our Integrated Pest Management Strategy, which relies on AI technology to monitor and forecast oceanographic trends, treatments and sea lice mitigation tools. We were also able to draw upon the broader industry agreement to share mitigation resources, utilizing mechanical and freshwater treatment vessels to treat multiple farms in the area as quickly as possible.

We will continue to work with all levels of government, including the First Nations in whose territories we operate to support a responsible plan for the future of sustainable in-ocean aquaculture in British Columbia. We remain committed to minimize interactions with wild salmon in the areas where we operate. It is our goal to invest in technologies to minimize the risk of such occurrences we hope for a transition which creates the necessary stable investment climate.

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Grieg Seafood BC is committed to reconciliation, and all farms operating in BC are currently done in agreement with First Nations in whose territories we operate. These agreements are founded upon recognizing First Nations’ right to exercise jurisdiction over the land, resources, and waters within their territories.

Farm-raised salmon generates more than $1.142 billion for BC's economy and supports thousands of jobs. Additionally, farm-raised salmon provides a nutritious and sustainably produced protein with a low carbon footprint that contributes to Canada’s food security and Blue Economy.


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