Some 10–12.000 years ago, the huge ice cap covering Norway receded and unveiled the outermost portions of our elongated coastline. One of the polished gems which then saw the light of day was the small but beautiful Kvitsøy archipelago in Western Norway. Since then, fish has been an important food source for inhabitants of Kvitsøy, as well as the rest of us Norwegians.

We have harvested the seas riches, while steadily introducing new techniques and improving old ones. This long and proud seafood tradition forms the basis for the Kvitsøy brand. To ensure that your customers get the best seafood experience Norway has to offer, we have polished the Kvitsøy production and packaging methods to near perfection.

Refined through history, legends and the grand force of nature

Kvitsøy has been of historically significance for thousands of years. It was here that Norway’s first king, Harald Fairhair, had his castle and was also buried.

Harvesting the sea has been part of Norwegian legacy since the beginning of our time. During the Viking Age, Norwegians also started exporting fish, and taught the Brits how to utilize this wonderful resource.

The pristine waters around Kvitsøy have supplied meals and income for generations. In newer times they have also provided excellent grounds for fish farming.By combining the advantages offered by nature and the skills developed through generations, we are able to bring you the best salmon in the world.

The Kvitsøy way

Optimal farming: Along the western coast of Norway, all our fish farms provide optimal conditions for raising salmon: clean and fresh seawater, excellent currents and perfect salinity, high focus on fish welfare and no use of antibiotics.

Super cooling: Before cleaning, the salmon is placed in an ice-slurry – lowering the core temperature to between 0 and 2 degrees Celcius. The cooling prolongs the fish’s shelf life and improves the texture, taste and smell.

Packed with more ice: Each Kvitsøy carton only contains two to three salmons, packed belly up with ice inside. This allows space for more ice, improving and enhances the cooling effect even more.

Unique traceability: There are only three people in the world that are authorised to issue certificates documenting that the salmon you receive has been approved according to the Kvitsøy quality standard.

Careful selection: Each salmon is selected by hand and undergoes a scrutinizing grading process. Every fish meets the strict quality criteria of the Kvitsøy label.

Rinsed by hand: Each Kvitsøy salmon is thoroughly rinsed by hand and inspected yet again, making sure that all impurities are removed and that the fish complies with the strictest quality criteria in the world – the Kvitsøy criteria.

Thoroughly sealed: Each Kvitsøy carton is sealed with two layers of sealing. This means that you and your colleagues’ hands are the next to touch the fish after it has left our packing facility.

Certified restaurants: To maintain the high standards we have set for our products also when served to restaurant guests, all our customers are certified and approved by Kvitsøy.