British Columbia

Grieg Seafood BC donates 50 salmon to MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre

The MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre in Merville now has a fully stocked freezer thanks to Grieg Seafood BC. It recently donated 50 salmon to the centre to help feed its patients.


“Our freezer had gone on the fritz, so we lost a whole freezer full of fish,” says assistant manager of wildlife rehabilitation, Kiersten Shyian.

“We posted on Facebook last week that we needed some fish for our patients. Grieg Seafood messaged us right away, and said they had a bunch that they could donate.”

Shyian says Grieg Seafood dropped off around 400 lbs. of salmon Wednesday morning.

“It was all for donation and we use it for many different kinds of birds. We have about ten eagles in care right now, so it will definitely go to a good place. They eat a lot of fish.”

In a Facebook post, Grieg Seafood said this is how its staff wanted to say “thank you” to MARS after the centre healed Gus the Great Blue Heron back to health earlier this year.

“In late March, Gus was found floating injured under one of our site’s walkways in Okisollo Channel,” Grieg Seafood says. “MARS took her in, giving her surgery to fix her broken beak and giving her daily medications. In May, we happily watched Gus fly away on her own free will in Okisollo Channel where she was found.”

Grieg Seafood is now sending its appreciation to MARS, not just for Gus, but for all the centre’s staff does for the island’s wildlife.

“We hope your current avian ‘patients’ enjoy this salmon on the house.”

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