New Plastic Reduction Initiative Gains Momentum

The Grieg Seafood Shetland processing department have been trying to reduce the use of polystyrene boxes for some time now, as the company commits itself to improved sustainability and reduced waste. Sometimes the best innovations are the simplest ones.

The processing team have experimented with using bulk bins to transport harvested fish to our customers. This has greatly improved efficiency, as these bins can hold 500kg of fish compared to 20kg in a single polystyrene box. It will also simplify the packaging process for us. However, the best part is that the bins are entirely reusable and can be easily cleaned, disinfected, and returned ready for the next order.

Customers and consumers care about where their food comes from and actively seek to reduce their impact on the environment, and so do we. We are now pleased to announce that one of our regular customers are using the bulk bins on a weekly basis, which is a breakthrough for the initiative. While uptake remains low for now, other customers are increasingly interested in the new initiative and value the importance of our plastic reduction initiative. We will soon have 100 of these bins on-site and will seek to expand their usage as time goes on, recognising that single-use plastics can and should be replaced by reusable alternatives.