Green Investment in New Tankers

We have invested in new cylindrical road tankers to transport our salmon from the harvesting vessel to the factory. This will have a long-term positive impact in reducing our carbon footprint. The tankers, which are made in Poland, will be arriving in Scotland September 2020 with their DVLA paperwork approved.

The investment in new transportation will have an accumulative benefit to Grieg Seafood Shetland over time. The tankers are well insulated and are designed so that they can maintain stable fish temperatures for 24 hrs without the use of ice. Additionally, these tankers increase the transportation capacity from 15-17 tons to 20 tons of product, meaning less journey time, less greenhouse gas emissions, and greater efficiency. The tankers also possess a Clean In Progress (CIP) mobile system which allows for deep cleans between loads. Initially the tankers will be used to complete the harvest in Skye before coming to Shetland.